10 popular crypto currency wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets are created to store digital assets, manage security issues like saving secret keys and identity verification.

eToro Wallet

If easy usability and security are the primary concerns, then you can go for this Cryptocurrency wallet for hassle-free transactions. While you will get support for more than 120 cryptos, you will find the buying, storing, receiving, and transferring process of digital assets really simple. Even if you are a beginner, this wallet will make your life comfortable with Cryptos.

Features of eToro Wallet

  • eToro wallet will allow you to change any more than 500 from one crypto to another while users will not need to move anything anywhere.

  • If you ever lose access to your crypto wallet, you will not have to worry, as the Unlosable Private Key can help recover access.

  • You will get an on-chain address, which means cryptocurrency can be stored, received, and transferred anywhere on the blockchain.

  • You will just need to create an account after downloading the app for free and start using the wallet on your smartphone.

  • Can be considered as one of the safest crypto wallets equipped with a multi-signature facility, DDoS protection, and standardization protocols.

  • Besides, it comes with a wide range of tools to help invest in the financial markets.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase has already earned the reputation of rendering one of the most secure crypto trading platforms. Besides, all the cryptocurrencies that investors store on the server are covered by the insurance policies offered by Coinbase. You can further associate your bank account and start selling or buying using your wallet.

Features of Coinbase Wallet

  • It offers a lucrative user interface that beginners can easily understand and support digital financial instruments and popular cryptocurrencies.

  • You can store more than just one signature, and two-factor authentication ensures the safety of your wallet.

  • It has a huge number of investors and is backed by multiple reputable exchanges.

  • Bitcoin is not supported currently, although it has a great future and can be called the safest cryptocurrency wallet in today’s world.

  • Undoubtedly it has a great future ahead. As one of the best crypto wallets, it is hosted where keys are stored somewhere else.

Exodus Wallet

Exodus can be easily referred to as one of the best crypto wallets as it offers desktop, mobile, and hardware wallets for its users. It is known for its hassle-free use. Again, it gives you the power to exchange between multiple platforms. If you are a newcomer, you can kickstart with this top bitcoin wallet.

Featured of Exodus Wallet

  • The user interface is welcoming, and anyone can complete a transaction without knowing much detail about Exodus.

  • If you are concerned regarding your privacy, then it is an excellent choice for you. Exodus does not have any account and does not associate your information in exchanges.

  • Supports the Shapeshift cryptocurrency alongside other popular cryptocurrencies available out there.

  • You can not link your bank account with the wallet, although you can buy Bitcoin or Ether using fiat deposits.

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux all are supported if you use a Desktop wallet, while ios and android apps are also available for using wallets on mobile.

  • Security is questionable as it does not support two-factor authentication or multi signatures.

Bitamp Bitcoin Wallet

When it comes to Bitcoin transactions securely, it is one of the best open source cryptocurrency wallets available out there. Besides, it does not expose your identity to ensure your privacy. It uses javascript to enable you to use your browser to send or receive bitcoins worldwide instantly.

Features of Bitamp Wallet

  • It is client-side software, and the user interface is kept simple and easy to understand. So everyone can send or receive bitcoins without any prior experience.

  • Neither of your seed, private key, browser detail, or even ip address is stored on the Bitamp database, so you do not have to worry so much while accessing.

  • It takes little or no time to transmit your command, while only ten minutes is required to complete the transaction, making it convenient and much more useful.

  • You can have full control over your digital assets like private keys and seeds, so the chance of being hacked and dissolved is minimum.

  • Offers the latest technology and best security practices where all the transactions are performed on your local machine, and only you are responsible for your security.


From the beginning of their crypto journey, people often get overwhelmed with the complexity of cryptocurrency exchange. ZenGo was introduced to solve this problem by buying, storing, and earning cryptos as simply as possible. It is the first keyless wallet, making the setup process as easy as possible, without compromising security – only you can access your digital assets. You have full control over your funds.

Features of ZenGo Wallet

  • As the first keyless Crypto wallet, ZenGo does not require any private key, and it ensures full control even in the unlikely chance that the ZenGo server is hacked or if you lose your phone.

  • Buy crypto directly from your wallet with a credit card or a wire transfer, put your crypto in a savings account, earn interest, and trade your crypto assets (including Bitcoin).

  • Security is maintained using innovative MPC cryptography that distributes a secret shared between your device and ZenGo servers to enable you to complete your transaction with maximum security.

  • This third-generation crypto wallet comes with a super simple user interface and introduces a new private backup method.

  • Backup is made easy using an encrypted 3D biometric face scan for authentication – your face is encrypted on your device without risking your privacy.

  • The cryptographic solutions behind ZenGo are an open source project which helps build a strong community with the best developers who are always contributing and collaborating to make it more powerful.

Copay Wallet

A company called Bitpay created Copay. Bitpay has enabled many businesses to allow bitcoin as payment, and that is why Copay is the most accepted bitcoin wallet around the world. A light node wallet uses simple processes to complete a transaction, although two-factor authentication is not available.

  • It supports bitcoin and bitcoin cash. All the keys are stored locally rather than cloud to ensure device-based security.

  • Addresses are generated through hierarchical determination, and the BIP70-BIP73 payment protocol easily identifies payment requests and verifies payments.

  • Although it supports bitcoins, only multiple wallets alongside multiple signatures are also offered by this best BTC wallet.

  • You can pay using your wallet on some popular eCommerce websites and businesses like

  • Group payments can also be conducted using shared wallets, and email and push notifications are there to keep you up to date.

  • Copay is an open-source wallet and backed by developers to keep your assets safe and secure.

BRD Wallet

It is the first bitcoin wallet that renders a customer loyalty and rewards program. You can exchange BTC, BCH, ETH, and all ERC-20 tokens using the wallet. Besides, it is highly secured as it connects directly to the Bitcoin network. Using your device’s hardware encryption makes sure that your assets remain safe.

Features of BRD Wallet

  • Enables users to exchange bitcoin almost anytime, anywhere. You can also convert your bitcoin into other cryptos like bitcoin cash and ethereum.

  • It aims to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone while an easily usable interface and privacy remain the main focus.

  • Users do not require to produce an account as it is a fully decentralized wallet connected to blockchain technology using the sophisticated 12-word paper key.

  • Provides great support to its customers, and you can contact the authorities anytime using any sized screen.

  • No desktop application is available, but great Android and ios apps can fulfill any kind of requirement. You can even purchase bitcoin directly from the app.

  • Free to use and supports the multi-signed transaction. Highly priorities user privacy, as none of your information is stored on the server.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Jaxx is known as a multi-currency, multi-platform all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet operating since 2014. You can exchange more than 80 cryptocurrencies using the Jaxx wallet. Besides, it renders all the important features like transaction history, coin balance, and insights of a particular coin. Although this is not an open-source app, the source code is available online.

Features of Jaxx Liberty Wallet

  • Android, ios, windows, and Linux versions of the app are available, while you can also use the chrome extension.

  • As a freshman, you can begin your journey with the Jaxx Liberty wallet, as it is 100% free and trusted by many people worldwide.

  • Generates excellent platform support and customer care through different media like social platforms or email.

  • Using block explorer, you can check your balance and complete transactions using multiple blockchains.

  • The news module enhances the app’s value as it continually shares valuable updates and essential information on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  • Enables users to track the market by analyzing the price challenges, market caps and following the latest trends.

KeepKey Wallet

It is a hardware wallet and stores your keys in cold storage to keep them safe from computer vulnerabilities. A 12-word security key is generated in every device, while you can also retrieve it if you lost it. BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, and NMC cryptocurrency are supported, and you can complete the transaction using the software, Electrum, and MultiBit.

Features of KeepKey Wallet

  • It is the best HD wallet if we consider security. It is safe from any kind of physical or virtual attack.

  • It uses a security sentence used as a backup to recover the keys you have forgotten, and you can add an extra word to enhance the security.

  • You cannot carry KeepKey due to the size of the device, which is much larger than TREZOR or Ledger, which can be carried in your pocket.

  • It offers a web platform alongside desktop and mobile applications that brings many crypto tools under one umbrella to increase efficiency.

  • You rely on many users, and if you are looking to build a portfolio around digital assets, you must give it a try.

Trezor Wallet

If we consider hardware wallets only, then Trezor is the best Bitcoin wallet. It gives you the power to store your assets in cold storage and use it like a hot wallet. It can be safely used in a computer affected by malware. The size is small and can be carried easily. The screen is protected with extra layers, but the price is affordable.

Features of Trezor Wallet

  • Backed by millions of users and can be connected to your computer through USB. One of the best cryptocurrency wallets that supports multiple currencies at a time.

  • You can have over 100% control over your private keys, and the price starts only from €89.

  • The device can be backed up by a 24-letter recovery seed generated by a random number generator algorithm built-in in the device.

  • You can set a pin for the first time. On top of that, you can add paraphrase as the 25th letter.

  • Two-factor authentication is also available. Besides, it signs uniquely with each transaction to keep your currencies safe.

  • It has seen some attacks and experienced threats due to its firmware.


Coinsmart is a digital currency exchange that enables you to buy and sell crypto with no hassle. It enables you to access your Bitcoin payment and your cash instantly. This application provides you a quick and easy way to invoice your customer using SmartPay Invoicing.


  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, and more.

  • Provides 24/7 Live Support.

  • Trade any currency with just one click.

  • It processes all Fiat withdrawal in few days.

  • Enables you to place customized orders seamlessly.

  • This platform can be accessible from mobile and desktop.

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